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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Son of God




"We are going to change the world"

By chance, have you viewed The Bible series from the History Channel yet?  If not, you may want to do so before viewing Christopher Spencer’s The Son of God.  Apparently the series was so good they decided to make one of the episodes into a film. Approximately 3 quarters of the film is footage directly from the successful TV series... and I didn't mind that one bit.  I thought the material was that good.  
     Of course, like most Biblical films, TSOG was met with a lot of criticism regarding the accuracy of certain events leading up to and after the crucifixion of the Christ Jesus. Personally, I’ll give room for artistic inspired variations only if it doesn't undermine the premises or centralized theme(s) from the source material being the Holy Bible itself… which we will revisit with the NOAH review coming up shortly here at Worth Watching™.  
    The line between artistic interpretation and propaganda is debatable depending on what you are expecting from a Hollywood movie about the Gospel. What is not contentious, at least to me, is the overall quality and value of a film like this in mass release.  My hope is that this film becomes a reason for those unfamiliar with the whole gospel to pick up a copy of the actual Bible and read these accounts.
    Overall I liked the film but there were a lot of untouched potential left on the table. The replay value is questionable because I’m thinking if I want to see a film about Jesus, I would probably put The Passion in before I seek out TSOG. Not being disrespectful to this film at all but it speaks volumes about how great The Passion is.
    I intend to buy the whole series, THE BIBLE, on bluray very soon.  when that happens, I probably won’t buy TSOG, unless, of course I want to support the growth of Christian-based films in Hollywood which I may do. Diversity is everything in any industry.
    I deem the The Son of God Worth Watching!

letter grade: B

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