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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier




"On your left."

There is a lot going on in this movie, a whole lot.  At one point I literally got confused a little bit. From all the double cross, triple cross to “don’t trust anyone”, I was more frustrated than intrigued… at first.  Once everything started making sense, I was able to sit back a little bit and enjoy the movie more.  One thing that was constant throughout the entire film was the action.  Captain America was finally able to showcase his full arsenal of abilities that made his brand stand the test of time in the comic book world.  More so than in The Avengers and yes even the first Captain America movie.

    Chris Evans was always a pretty good cast for the Captain America role but now I think more of it.  I feel as if I can put this casting up there with all the near perfect castings like Sir Patrick Stewart  playing Professor X, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Edward Norton as Dr. David Banner and who can forget Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark??!! (*in my high pitch voice* Also, shout out to Wesley Snipes as Blade!)...  You get my drift.  I thought Chris Evans did a pretty good job playing the Human Torch in Fantastic Four. There he played the direct opposite type of good-guy being young and rebellious, practical joker and playboy.  That should be recognized, I tip my hat to his diversity.

    I marvel(no pun intended) at the quality of motion pictures being made to depict these comic book heros.  Most of these I never read consistently to at all. Who would of thought where those comics would end up, DC and Marvel… A billion dollar industry.  I really can’t wait to see who the next big thing to hit the silver screen will be?  As long as the studios keep these stories more plausible than fantasy anything is possible.

    Worth Watching.

letter grade: B+

by now you should know to wait for two bonus scenes.  One at the end of the closing sequence and again after ALL the credits have finished.

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