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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation




"I can neither confirm nor deny any details about any operation without the permission of the Secretary."

  Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation stayed true to the MI infrastructure which has made it’s brand a legendary franchise.  That should bode well for most of us and then again perhaps not...  I observed a few complaints about the predictability of the storyline despite the film’s loyalty to the original fanbase.  Objectively, I can see both sides even though I lean more towards respecting the brand and not trying to be something else.  Risky transformations of identity can work and I cite Fast Five quickly but risky tuns tricky promptly…  if you lose the core audience.  

   The IMF is always running the risk of being shut down but that threat is imminent this narrative.  I really found this story interesting and unpredictable, two characteristics of any successful movie.  I thought this was one of the better chapters in the MI gift set.


   Quick notation of a pleasantly hidden easter egg, I love the soft reverence to the classic Casablanca. Not only was a portion of the story there but the lead actress's name is Ilsa. The actress Rebecca Ferguson is Swedish like Ingrid Bergman… Selfishly I had to point that out because remember, Casablanca made my 15 Greatest Films of All-Time [so far] list.

 So!!!  Worth Watching in my book!
letter grade: B+

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