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Monday, May 2, 2011

Fast Five


"Running ain't freedom"

         I don't understand how ANYBODY could not want to see this movie after the partaking of any one of the trailers that lead up to this event.
  • Due date in Michigan: Friday April 29th
  •  Saw it that Saturday afternoon 
  •  Can't wait to see it again.
          Another A grade given out by me to a flick that I'm not sure qualifies as a summer blockbuster. By the amount of adrenaline that was spent making this movie and the amount of rush spent watching the last installment of this NOS charged franchise; The implication is the "Summer Blockbusters" have started early! If I'm wrong, we are going to have an incredible summer at the cinema.

           The movie picks up exactly where the last one stopped. I really and especially love the way all the characters are re-introduced from the start. All characters that showed up in Rio De Janeiro fit their cue to a 'T', but none more spectacularly than Dominic Teretto [Vin Diesel].

     Dominic is easy to like because he is the only one out the crew that is straight forward with his agenda.  He's known for his values, whether it's racing values, family values, or moral issues.  Tremendous logical appeal. He has this big-brother presence that resonates with us all. Not much of a talker, so everything he utters is a jewel.  Man! If he wasn't before, he has to be now considered one of the top action hero's of his generation.  I'm not feeling  Sam Worthington [Terminator: Salvation, Avatar, and Clash of the Titans] like that even though they are trying to force feed us a lot of him in the past few summers. You can insert Vin right above Gerald Butler, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and whoever else you would like to insert as a top action star in the year 2000 and up. [ Maybe Sly Stone can make an Expendables with the actions stars of 2000]  If not him then there is one more canidate that can vouche for the spot.

The Rock's character played well into this story.  Mixed with chuckling at his highly aggressive articulation of orders, was one eyebrow up.  It was raised at all the Under Armour shirts being worn worn by the federal agent elites.  I guess the higher you go up in law enforcement the tighter your shirt gets.  The Rock gives you the usual menacing scowl and brisk walk while barking orders.... You know, the patent stuff we've come to love from the Rock.  Also like Dom, Hobbs [the Rock] leaves no guess work regarding his intentions...

          Everything that was billed for this fight is an understatement!  I mean... The most hay-makers EVER in one fight and that's all I'm going to say about that.  The only thing that comes close to that is the finale of the whole thing at the end.

                    One of the best car chase scenes to date.  A great heist story with an extraordinarily supportive and very cohesive cast ... One reminiscent of The Italian Job with a lot of Bad Boys 2 sprinkled... well, more like dumped into the batter makes for a whirl of a ride and a lot of popcorn missing my mouth.

This is a movie that I really want to own because of the "play again" value...  That is the reason behind the 5 McGuffins below. As earlier stated the movie gets an A because I simply don't know how the movie could of gotten any better.




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