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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Furious 7



"You can't tell someone they love you."

    Whew!!! I’ve spoken here about “swallowing”[abandoning] reality so that you don't miss the cinematic fun. I went into it at depth reviewing movies like the “Source Code” here in this blog.  Being able to do that is a struggle for someone like me but it is not impossible.  You will have to most definitely let the laws of Physics, Anatomy and plausibility go in order to have the required “fun” that this franchise is celebrated for…. I know it is a tall order but it’s sooooo worth it!  

   If you haven’t seen any of these Fast & Furious movies or perhaps just the first one, Furious 7 is probably not your cup of motor oil. I wrote the first paragraph exclusively for you though.  This isn’t one of those movie franchises that you will want to rent the prior 6 on netflix the night before.  Just go in there with no prep and just digest all the Furiousness because it is so worth it…. Even if you unfeasibly sleep through all the action,  the dedication to the deceased Paul Walker right before the title card “for Paul” is worth the theater money spent alone.  
    At 2 hours and 17 mins, this makes the longest Fast and Furious movie ever.  Honestly, I did not feel it.  I was so caught up in what could possibly happen next that I actually felt like it should have been longer.
    7 movies in one awesome ride.  That is no small feet.  I can’t think off-hand what other movie franchise went seven deep and finished as strongly as this one did.  With Star Wars due out later this year Fast & Furious has some pretty strong competition. Obviously just being mentioned in the same paragraph with Star Wars is incredible by itself!
  Definitely worth watching.  Go in with a party attitude not high plausibility expectations (why would you anyways, you saw the trailer) or you will be left high
and dry and no parachute….Cars can’t fly.

 letter grade:   B-

Fast Five


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