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Wednesday, May 29, 2013





I can reach out and break you whenever I want.”

           So I just watched the 6th Installation of the Fast & Furious franchise.  Whenever a movie goes beyond a trilogy, the final episodes are usually dry.  After the 5th F&F [for a quick review click here ], I was really hoping they would stop. That would've been a perfect closure to a really good run .  Of course that wasn’t enough, so the good people down at Universal green lighted a 6th and the edit room for 5 wasn’t even warmed up yet.  So before we end the movie shoot a teaser on the end of the reel after the credits roll thru and walla!! Now we have a seed planted.  One, I thought would be for a disaster but I am here happy to report I was wrong.  In fact, this time you don’t have to sit thru the entirety of the credits.  This time it’s not after the movie (credits)ends, there’s bonus material in the ending sequence that you definitely want to see.  Screen footage that may or may not lead you to believe that they are just not quite done taking you for a ride; Awesome footage, might I add.

         If you are one of the people who don’t like the Fast & Furious brand because of the unrealistic street racing events filled with more female models than hoodlums or you didn’t like the dumbed down action sequences, I understand... but you would of loved last one (5)!  Five was a departure from the original F&F blueprint.  More of a intricate story and a very successful heist flick.   Although 6 returned to some of the things that F&F fans enjoyed from the previous movies, Fast 6 is definitely a stand alone.  Anyone can enjoy this by itself.

          Everyone casted had surprisingly good chemistry...again! More impressive was the comic relief by Ludacris and Tyrese.  Tyrese may be under appreciated but I’ll just tuck that away for another day.  It seems ‘critics’ all over have a problem with Vin Diesel’s raw, drawn out vernacular. I don’t. Just like Sly Stone in Rocky, his marbles in the jaws speeches delivers a different pace than what everyone else on screen is doing.  It also sets their subject matter apart from the rest of the speedy dialogue on screen. Which, in effect,  highlights their simple but powerful statements.  It’s effortlessly digestible and easy to love.  

         Things that go BOOM in the summer usually result in higher box office ticket sales.  That’s no secret, and the movie directors and producers all know that we know that yet still try to satisfy the masses with explosives and all sorts of mayhem.  That’s what I would call “industry” tactics and I’m usually oppose to them.  Once in every while, they do get it right.  All though the more refined movie/film goer would frown or even walk out of some of the impossible stunts that F&F 6 throws at you... I would challenge them to stay.  Plausibility and realism is always best, especially when entertaining me, but sometimes ‘fun’ overrides everything!

         Definitely worth watching and worth your money: B- (minus for the ridiculousness lol)

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