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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Source Code


Source Code was a last minute decision for me.  I went to the theater intent on seeing Rango.  As I'm going in the front door I notice that Rango is another 2 hrs away and Source Code is only 15, guess which movie gets the nod. I saw that it [Source Code] got great reviews from the critics and it seemed interesting enough so I gave it a shot.  What do I have to lose? How about... more of my sense of discernment.  Movies where the McGuffin is a machine/contraption that allows you to do the unbelievable IS unbelievable unless you just gooooooooooo with it.  Since I pride myself on not being a cynic I often just gooooooo with it, for instance: 
  • Any time Machine movie.
  • The red pill in the Matrix
  • The transparent pill in Limitless
  • Or how about the contraption in Inception that allows two or more people connect in one dream?
I've swallowed a lot during my cinema adventures and thank God! Otherwise, I may have missed out on some truly good stories.
This story about a source code was a pretty good scientific story if you don't forensically dissect the science. What this movie is and what you may have gathered from the trailer is that the movie is more of a love story than anything else; An extremely good one at that. My only problem is when the movie itself defined exactly what the source code was. Then gradually began to break and bend it's own principals and rules. Although, I know part of  a great story or movie is one that evolves and takes you into unexpected sub-plots and surprise endings, misdirection, ect... I just wish that this one would perform the same task within it's own defined perimeters... This movie is almost impossible to review without spoiling part of it so I won't go any further.
Jeffery Wright [Dr. Rutledge] is like Aaron Eckhart to me... continually impressive by each flick!
I was entertained by this one and I feel that it is definitely worth your dollar.  I give it a very strong C+.

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