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Friday, July 25, 2014

Think Like a Man Too




In the battle of the sexes I was determined to keep us ahead of the girls."

   “Here we go”.  That was my initial ‘ho-hum’ feeling towards what seemed to be another sequel that was destined to be a money-grab, watered down and up, stretched out shallow follow-up… Once again I was wrong.  Turns out that Think Like a Man Too rivals the original.  Good laughs throughout the entire movie made for a very pleasant experience.  A little predictable though, that is the only way it missed an “A” letter grade.
     Kevin Hart was at his finest.  Just when you think he broke the “overkill” threshold he presents a performance like this that shouts “I am still funny. I still know how to make you laugh”.  He had help, the rest of the crew was still funny and interesting as well.  There was so much energy[on-screen AND in the theater auditorium], so much laughter… it was hard to hear the second part of the joke because everyone was still laughing from the beginning of the first one. As a result raises the rewatch value, not only do I want to see it again because it was funny but I also want to catch all the dialogue I missed.
    It is NOT the same but there is a little “Hangover” feel in this movie... adventure wise.  Point A very rarely lead to point B.  Not being sure what was around the next bend may have amplified most of the funny scenes.
   Very much worth your money, I hope to see it again before it leaves the theater.

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