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Friday, November 13, 2015





"You are a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr Bond."

    Because Skyfall was mostly an analytical scavenger hunt and all through the film we suffer with Bond trying to heal and find his way back to 00 status... I gave it a pass. I thought to myself, okay Spectre should be more action, more of everything I love about Bond… Even though Spectre was riddled with throwbacks and soft celebrations of older Bond films thinking older fans would appreciate it…  still… there wasn’t enough fun. 
 Perhaps my expectation level was too high but I wanted more scenes like “the train” scene. I “needed” a little more action and a smidgen less problem solving… Selfishly I write this knowing that after I watch it a few more times I may come to love exactly how it is but for now Spectre is 4th in the Daniel Craig Bond films.

    Just to think Christopher Nolan almost directed this film makes me cringe a bit.   Although brilliant, his films tend to be an overload of thought and concepts. Which is what I thought was exactly “wrong” with this Bond at this time in the franchise.

    I am trying not to be thin and shallow.  Like I said before I may end up loving this film after the third watch but I can not help but point out stuff like the cinematography.  It maybe just me, but I thought there just wasn’t as much beautiful scenery promoting the exotic locations I am accustomed to with Bond flicks.  I also realize people had a bit to say about the new Bond girl(s) but I certainly didn’t.  In fact, you are way off base if you think any Bond romance could add up to or equal the one in Casino Royale… Being that this was the only flick Bond found true love… No I am afraid that I am not that cynical but just enough to voice (write) these concerns.

    Sam Smith did a great job with the opening sequence music and I can only marvel at all the great artists over all the years that have continually done just an incredible job.  I sparked a debate about which artist stood atop the others and although I loved what Tina Turner did with Goldeneye, nothing comes close to Madonna’s  Die Another Day.  I still have that song in my workout playlist.

    I realize that these latest 007 flicks are constructed to dwell more in the world of realism… After all the franchise was competing with Bourne, yet another legendary title.  I have not the gall to suggest anything to a brand that has been successful throughout the age of the recent world but I would hope in the future we can revisit a more fun Bond without risking pragmatism, practicality and authenticity to the Bond universe… selfishly :)

I hope that is not asking too much.

Worth Watching.

letter grade: B-

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