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Tuesday, June 30, 2015





"We can't finish the movie without money."

      Welp, I tried to do two movies in one day.  I had some days off and this is how I wanted to spend the last day... I ended up drifting off in both, this movie and the one after that (Mad Max). So! I won't give a letter grade and the fact that I drifted off was not, I repeat: was NOT an indication of the value of the movie itself.... I have come to the conclusion that some things I can't do like I use to do.... at least as consistently.   

    Entourage was funny.  There was an 'okay' mix of shallow to smart comedy... most of it was juvenile fun. I felt I may have enjoyed it more coming out of high school . I am not a watcher of the series. I thought the movie did a very good job introducing all the characters and explaining the reasons why they all were there in the movie. 

      From what I saw the movie would have earned a C+.  I have to wait for movie rental night to see the one part I missed.

I don't think Entourage is worth theater priced admission. Dollar show, maybe.  

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