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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jurassic World




"These people never learn."

      Jurassic World was dumb… at least the idea was, but it was oh soooooooo much fun. I am detecting a pattern that way.  Movies that are “safe” are getting the green light over anything risky.  Not to be too dramatic but soooo long to all the would-be Shawshank Redemptions and movies like The Siege and Slumdog Millionaire. Anything not a sequel, prequel or of “shared Universe”. Jurassic World is also getting some very heavy numbers at the box office.  Numbers that the suits occupying conference rooms in the studios of Universal, Paramount, ect. are taking note.  It is a shame that I liked the movie so much, I am only adding to the problem.

    It is a rarity when trailers captures the movie it’s promoting perfectly and without deceit. I was so hyped up for this movie that I went all out and bought D-Box seats with the 3-D.  My decision to splurge was not met with regret but rewarded with smiles the whole way through. Popcorn missing my mouth and then finding it later that night putting the clothes in the hamper.

   Nice casting too, I loved the child actors and what more can be said about Chris Pratt? He is the new Harrison Ford in my book. Charisma, witty, funny, “it” factor, he seems to have the whole package.  Unlike the ‘chosen’ superhero of 2009  Sam Worthington that ended up playing every hero in seemingly every action movie... Chris wasn’t forced on us like that. Oh, and ol’ girl whats-her-face (Bryce Dallas Howard (daughter of film maker Ron Howard)), was just as memorable in this picture as Téa Leoni was in Bad Boys.  It was extremely hard to like her character but with no fault of her own.  Her likableness or lack there of was the direct result of a shallow script.

     No need to go through the minutiae of the plot.  It is the same as it has always been with the ENTIRE JP franchise. Maybe an adjustment here and a reorder there but technically…. the same.  While I liked The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, I am still wondering why Jurassic World was sooooooo much more successful than the previous two?  Great trailer, huge time gap between this one and (supposedly) the last one, or maybe just perfect timing on the release date… I dunno.  

     The only gripe I will mention is in an attempt to make the CGI more real, some of the dinosaurs ended up looking more unreal.  Almost like they regressed with the post production or maybe used a new company but I was shocked. It was not a glaring problem, but just with a few shots of the Raptors and the Brontosauruses.

    Worth Watching and owning!  I don’t think the 3D was so good that I would do it again for this movie.  So if faced with the option, save the extra $2. No easter eggs or bonus footage after the credits either folks.

    letter grade: A

Mad Max: Fury Road




"Oh, what a day... what a lovely day!"

   As I mentioned in the previous post I fell asleep in this acid and kerosene melody. Again, me falling asleep is no indication that the movie was boring.  Boring is one thing this film was not! I just tried to do too much that day and... ANYWAYS, I won't give a grade but if I could I would give it an A-.  Why an A-?  Because of the way this action movie was done.  It was different.  Unlike any other action movie I've seen.  Forgive me for sounding too lofty but the only way I can think to describe it is like a ballet of action. 
    I loved everything I was seeing.  I would pay to see the one part I drifted off on but with the Terminator movie and Mission Impossible movie around the next bend, I am not sure if I will get a chance.

   Worth watching!  Worth the money spent at the concession stands too.






"We can't finish the movie without money."

      Welp, I tried to do two movies in one day.  I had some days off and this is how I wanted to spend the last day... I ended up drifting off in both, this movie and the one after that (Mad Max). So! I won't give a letter grade and the fact that I drifted off was not, I repeat: was NOT an indication of the value of the movie itself.... I have come to the conclusion that some things I can't do like I use to do.... at least as consistently.   

    Entourage was funny.  There was an 'okay' mix of shallow to smart comedy... most of it was juvenile fun. I felt I may have enjoyed it more coming out of high school . I am not a watcher of the series. I thought the movie did a very good job introducing all the characters and explaining the reasons why they all were there in the movie. 

      From what I saw the movie would have earned a C+.  I have to wait for movie rental night to see the one part I missed.

I don't think Entourage is worth theater priced admission. Dollar show, maybe.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

San Andreas




"What do we do now?"

      I dare any movie buff to lie and say the trailer for San Andreas did not remind them of the the movie “2012”. Surely it did that for me which was an instant turn off…. for me.  I didn’t need to see another movie like that, so the urgency to see it jettisoned to the middle of my movie-must-see list, maybe near the bottom even.

     Well I went out with my lady, of whom I’ve been with for almost a year (July 30th will be the Anni) and we had our first “strong” disagreement about a movie.  We have very similar tastes and are both movie buffs. I was actually stunned that the movie was as good as it was but then again, I went in with very low expectations.  I am not sure where her expectation level was but she certainly was not feeling it or at least like I was: “Too over-the-top”, “corny lines”, “predictable” and the always frustrating smart alecky, wisecracks while in pursuit to/from probable death. I won’t refute that this flick had ALL of those things but still… it worked for me.

      As charismatic as Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is, I can’t say it was all him that made the movie flow like it did. I thought, besides the obvious plot, the story had a decent path.  Picking up interesting characters along the way and the sub plots were pretty good as well.  As over- the- top as some of the action was, it became easily forgivable once the next scene started.

    I wanted to wait until the end of the credits to warn you guys for possible easter eggs or bonus material but SOMEBODY was in a hurry to get out of there. lol  

  So!! If anyone stayed and waited would you be so kind as to confirm or deny any material at the very end in the comment section for this movie review?? Thank you in advance.

   Worth watching!!!  I can ONLY imagine how the CGI would look in 3D.  I enjoyed it on the regular format so there is no wrong choice there.  This is also a good flick to scarf down Popcorn and Pop, regardless of how many times you may miss your mouth throwing it in!

letter Grade: B-