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Thursday, February 19, 2015





"We will not wait any longer!"

             It took a while but I finally saw the 2015 Oscar nominated film SELMA. What makes this story different from all other civil right movement pictures is that this story forensically focuses on the 1965 voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, all the while keeping it’s affect on the world in the viewfinder.  The way it came across the screen was fascinating and very easy to watch. Exemplary directing and even better acting along with the merits mentioned earlier makes this film an instant classic.
     “Easy to watch” was said with a few side notes in mind like:
  • ‘Easy’ doesn’t mean that there won’t be moments that are hard to look at
  • Like a good book, once you are engaged there’s no disengaging. [buckle up!]

     David Oyelowo portrayed Dr.King beautifully. I’ve heard complaints ranging from inauthentic cadence to not being ‘passionate’ enough… I didn’t find that while watching.  Honestly any casting director can find a good ‘imitator’ but a true Actor brings alive the script the way the it was meant to once the red light comes on.  Thanks to an extremely well written script and even better direction from director Ava DuVernay, David Oyelowo becomes Dr. King distinctly for the entirety of the film.  I thought he did a wonderful job.

    Carmen Ejogo deserves just as much praise. Unlike David, Carmen morphed all the way into her character, Coretta Scott King. Both David and Carmen left no trace of their British accent, or their former physiognomy.  Dare I say if we were ignorant to all prior info of who played whom, I doubt vigorously that you would know the actor/actress behind the main characters.  Both of their performances where THAT good. Neither one is up for an Oscar but they should be.
    Just an impressive film all the way around.  It took me a while and I will admit to some stalling while thinking it was yet another film about MLK/civil rights, I’ve seen it all before right??  Unn Uhh, I have never saw this story told so vividly well .
Worth Watching.

letter grade:   A

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