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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Foxcatcher (2014)




"Coach is the father. Coach is a mentor. Coach has great power on athlete's life."

     Based on a real-life events Foxcatcher not only catches me off guard but completely impresses.  From a known funny actor seamlessly taking on a very serious role, to a borderline actor whom historically can NOT act, putting on a performance of a lifetime.  And through all of that being completely ignorant of this story, at first.  Near the end of the film I barely remembered some of scenes in the real news, it was then that I became genuinely intrigued.
   Steve Carell’s performance as John du Pont was scary, as in scary good.  One may not have recognized the actor, which was amazing to me.  His execution was that good.  Which also can be said for Tatum.  From his brawler’s countenance to his posture, Channing’s performance was so impressive that I just had to research the preparation of becoming Mark Shultz.  I found out both Mark and Tatum went through a whole lot.  Just one of many interesting facts, according to   In the mirror bashing scene Channing Tatum actually broke the mirror, which was not in the script. However, he got so into his role that it led him to act with such intensity. The cut to his forehead was genuine.
     My dad was a wrestler so seeing these guys perform all the right moves were just jaw dropping good.  There’s no way to really write here just how impressed I was.  If you are not a fan of the sport I am very confident the story of these two brothers will intrigue/fascinate you at the very least.
    This movie isn’t nominated for best picture and it SHOULD.  Yet, another reason why Birdman should of been left off the nominee list.  This film’s on-screen talent runs LAPS, well… maybe one lap, around the very good performances in Birdman!  
    Okay, enough! Foxcatcher is definitely worth watching!

letter grade: A

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