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Monday, July 28, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction


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"How many more of my kind must be sacrificed, to atone for YOUR mistakes?"

      The 4th installment of Michael Bay’s Transformers movies named Age of Extinction was good but long.  I have to put the praise and critique in that order because I’ve heard more people complain about the length than about anything else. Admittingly I can not fathom why the editing room was left unused when the last movie, which was understandably long due to the assumption that it was the last in a trilogy, force fed us some of the longest and most action packed finale battle scenes [a half of hour worth] ever! Again, which wasn’t a bad thing because it was the supposed glorious end. I just don’t see why we then are exposed to another almost 3 hour flick when now, we don’t know if there will be 5 of these or Mike Bay puts the cap on this one.  One thing is for sure, if there is a 5th one there is no way that movie should be over 2 hours… none.

      Anybody that lazily looks over all the other great things in this movie and says the movie sucks should be playfully slapped.  Unless your a hardcaore fan and you didn’t like the way one of your favorite characters were portrayed, the movie was nice.  As a honest cinema flick, the movie itself was engaging, interesting, full of action, comedy despite Shia Lebeouf not being there (will discuss this more later), and a parody of governmental/corporate intelligence, or lack thereof…. who doesn’t like sticking it to the big guys?  I know we are spoiled as a consumer base when it comes to CGI and post-production but seeing robots and real life motion-action on screen together seamlessly is still awesome to me.
     Mark was Mark, I have nothing bad to say about Mark Wahlberg taking the lead in this one.  I feel like it may take time the same way it took a couple of movies for me to warm up to Garfield over Tobey Maguire as Spiderman… or even Daniel Craig over Clive Owen(the guy I originally wanted to start the new Bond films).  Shia is either underrated or overbearing.  His comedic properties are usually always over looked from my view point.  I don’t know if I’ll ever get use to him not being the lead but Wahlberg brings some comedy but another more burly, fatherly element that seemed to work with this story.

     Well done. This movie was definitely worth every penny!

 letter grade: A-

There is no bonus scene among the the credits.  This makes the first time in the  Micheal Bay's Transformers movie's franchise

Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of Cade Yeager, but he declined due to scheduling conflicts with his movie Hercules (2014)

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