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Friday, May 2, 2014

Rio 2




 "I am going to the Amazon. Yay."

    Rio 2 was a very nice compliment to the original.  The story was very intriguing. The humor, music and colors were still vivid and fun.  The overall feeling felt like authentic Brazil. Last but not least the new villains met along the way are instant Hall of Famers.  Gabi is one of my new favorite villains.  She is the ultimate second in command antagonist.  Hopelessly in love with the main villain there is nothing that she won’t do for love.  That by itself is worth the price of admission.  Nevertheless we are treated to an extraordinary adventure with the Blu crew.

     Even more value for the buck we are treated to a bonus film called Almost Home.  Although Steve Martin’s character Captain Smek shined, this Dreamworks short was ‘cute’ but ultimately disposable.  

    If I had a gripe it would be that I thought the film ended too abruptly. I dunno… maybe something got cut in the editing room.  Maybe it simply was an excellent script all the way up to but not including the end… or just maybe I wanted more.  

This movie is definitely worth your buck and even the extra dollar(s) for 3D

letter grade:  B

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