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Tuesday, April 19, 2011



      So... I'm fully aware that most of my readers skip this whole section and scurry down to the ratings and that's cool, I write out this stuff as an outlet and if you have time I hope you [the remaining few] enjoy my cinema viewing experience reviews.  Not to save the few that read this stuff a few scrolling  clicks but I give this movie an abrupt A+.  The reasoning behind me giving you that now is because I want to address an issue...  I want to discuss all these high marks I've been giving out lately.  I have really been impressed with the quality of movies and film that we've seen thus far, right before the huge summer blockbuster flicks.  We have truly been spoiled as an audience.  Hoping karma doesn't serve us a raw dish of mediocre high-budget flops during the hot days this year,  this might actually turn out to be a historical year for cinema; Speaking of hot...
           Rio was amazing. Smitten is the only adjective that accurately describes my viewing experience. The color, the rhythm , the captivating and interesting characters. From the start we are introduced to the splendor of  Rio de Janeiro and a young Macaw named Blu.

Blu has a few issues as I'm sure you will discover. This story is  well written. Your taken in so many directions which didn't appeal to most critics... I loved it.  I like not being able to see whats around the next bend.  Every great story has that attribute.

A really nice love story, a lot of action, a couple of truly heinous villains and...
          the music.
My God, the music in this adventure was wonderful; Authentic too. Elaine Elias would surly be shifting/rocking back in forth and side to side in her theater seat.
The Girl from Ipanema, Lionel Ritchie, Will.I.AM, and the incredible Jamie Fox... 

If I may drift for a minute: Jamie Fox's song called "Fly Love" is by far the most beautiful and romantic song that I've heard in quite sometime.  The placement of it in the movie was perfect.  Before you click play do me a little favor... close your eyes right before you hit play and think back to the last Island vacation/cruise that you embarked on...  If you've never been to the Caribbean think Florida or Cali, heck Fantasy Island ,just get your mind ready to drift after you've placed the mouse cursor over the play button.  So go ahead and get your cursor ready and when you're ready...
          [close those eyes!]

            Did you feel it?  
This song just leap-frogged "Kiss the Girl" song by Sebastian as best love song in a movie. I know you don't feel that way yet, just wait till you get smacked by it in this movie!
Go ahead and let it play while you read the rest of this :)

          The animation here is top notch. On par with Rango but not surpassing it... which is saying a lot.  Caricature animation is often under appreciated because of it's satirical nature but what a lot of people don't understand is that most times it's more important to exaggerate the essence of a being so that it may create something more... identifiable.  What else would you expect from the good folks that gave you the soon to be classic ICE AGE series, by the way.... We get a mini-series from the adventures of the ICE AGE squirrel and that ever elusive nut!  Sooner or later that whole conflict with the nut is going to get tired and dull  but until it does this appetizer serves more as the cherry on top of a great dessert after an incredible meal!

Recapping:  A+ and this movie is undeniably worth your dollar. [spend the extra two for 3D, why not get the premium experience]


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