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Thursday, September 12, 2013

White House Down




"I can't think of a more important job than protecting the President."

Back a few months ago I mentioned in a review for Olympus Has Fallen that White House Down may be a result of Hollywood ripping off screenplays as they make their way around Hollywood shopping for that ever fluorescent green light.  Welp... turns out WHD was pretty doggone good, so now my knee-jerk reaction is…  which movie ripped off who!?  To which I have no answer only more questions.  One thing's for sure, I enjoyed both of them.  I remember having the same debate between Deep Impact and Armageddon.  Both (at the time) had a fresh and very unique idea for a plot, and jockeying for position to be the first to present their original film to the masses.   Armageddon had the bigger budget and the brighter stars... I liked it a lot, but I ‘loved’ Deep Impact; talk about a movie versus a film.  Which essentially is not what we have here, we have movie vs movie and I’m ready to break this particular movie down.  I too want to know why I liked it.

  •            The very first thing I have to get out of the way is how misleading the trailer is.  The corny line “Let go of my Jordans!” just set an awful and shallow indication that this movie’s climate would be FOR the awful and shallow.  

  •            Mostly anything Channing Tatum is in I’m going to automatically dislike.  Sorry, maybe this review may be a bit biased [I’m sure it isn’t] but I don’t think this guy can act…  very well.   

  •           Again, it’s coming on the heels of another, already awesome movie about the White House getting the business from terrorist.

  •         The Director [Roland Emmerich] that directed this movie also did 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow…   Maybe I should end with that.

            2 for 2 still leaves me teetering on the scale.  What tips it in favor of awesome is I genuinely felt sadness or despair [as I did all through Deep Impact] during the end of the climatic conclusion.  It really took me by surprise, and left me with it’s own unique imprint tattooed in my memory.  That’s what sets this movie apart from Olympus Has Fallen and thats why I like watching movies so much… you just never really know.

     Definitely worth watching…. letter grade B+

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