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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen


$$$$and a 1/2


 "We are never stronger than when we are tested"

           What Sylvester Stallone successfully accomplished in bringing the 90's action flick genre to this generation with the first Expendables and Rambo(2008) movies... Olympus Has Fallen succeeded in as well. The only difference is the first two are lofty fantasies of realistic war situations. Albeit inaccurate and inadequate, OHF's Home Land Security protocol seems a bit more plausible.  Enough believability to keep my right eyebrow down while watching this very entertaining movie.

      Aaron Eckhart along with  Dominic Cooper, Jeffery Wright and Gary Oldman round off the list of most under rated actors of our time.  Aaron gave a great performance as did Morgan Freeman and playing the POTUS's son Connor. 
        Seems as if there is another White House take over movie in the works with more star power. (view the trailer here--->White House Down )
               That's how it works now... Good idea's get ripped off from screenplays circulating Hollywood looking for a producer to "green-light" it.  Think: Sudden Impact and Armageddon, or even Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles. 

          Definitely worth watching, worth popcorn and a pop, and I can see myself buying the Bluray for the movie library at home. Re-watch value is pretty high... I was so amped walking out the theater that when we got to the truck, I turned around and looked at the theater then looked at my sister and said... "The theater should just blow up right now!"

   letter grade: B+

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