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Monday, December 31, 2012

Django Unchained




"You know what they are going to call you?... The fastest gun in the south."

     A few posts ago I threw out a gem in text and said 'Hollywood saves the best original story telling for child movies' ie Rise of the Guardians... but! every once in awhile the reasons we pay $6 or $7 for popcorn and another 5 bucks for a fountain drink that costs 15 cents to make are justified... we are privileged to the imagination of great screenwriting.     

   There was a moment when Django learned that there was a famous folk story/legend behind his wife's name... He instantly became intrigued and a 'slave' to the words of the story teller... He sat down with his back arched and eyes wide steadily at attention waiting to hear it... I find myself that way in all of Tarantino's films especially this one.  From the opening scene with  his trademark heavy red helvetian font opening credits to the very final shot of the film.... I'm all in.  
   Despite the informative and exceptional trailer, somehow I didn't know what I was about to view was essentially a western. What I expected was a slave movie, which is what I got... a hybrid of the two, of which is unprecedented to me

     Walking out I'm reminded of how I felt after viewing Shawshank Redemption... A total surprise. Unexpected gravity towards every character in the film and an unforseeable ending... You just never know how these types of stories will pan out...  Tarantino's character build is just amazing.  Every word uttered from each of his characters is unique per film even though he loves to recast  his faves.

      I thought maybe one scene could of been left out.  The dramatic effect had already been achieved but apparently that wasn't enough... we were exposed to some... stuff. Quentin's movies are gruesome though and thats his style, the finishing end stroke of his signature... Violence is to be expected.  Along with cute little cinema moments that, depending on where you're at with film watching will either pick up on it or not...  One scene was fun no matter where your are at with that... Most people 34 and up will remember the epic Miami Vice show.  A TV network series that pretty much defined the 80's and network series for evermore...
There was a part where Don Johnson, the original 'Sonny' from the famed Miami Vice exchanges words with the Jamie Fox the 'Tubs' [his partner] of the made movie.  I get pleasure out of stuff like that. It also gives his work re-watch value.

    Without further delay I give Django an A. Very much worth watching. Also, just because Christoph Waltz
 already won an Oscar in 2010 doesn't mean he shouldn't get another one.  I feel like along with him, Leonardo Dicaprio are sure picks.  That's not to say Jamie, Kerry Washington and Don Johnson are to be sneezed at because all deserve recognition an award along with the director himself!

Btw... If you stay past all the ending credits there is a very brief bonus scene that lasts about 5 secs... If you've already seen the film and missed it, your not missing much and definitely  not worth you losing any sleep over. 

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