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Friday, November 30, 2012

Rise of the Guardians




"Everyone loves the sleigh..."

      Per the Wreck-it Ralph review, my statement: "Hollywood saves the best original writing and stories told on film for kids." couldn't mean more than it does with this masterpiece [yes I said masterpiece] of work named Rise of the Guardians.  It's true, they market it towards the little ones but trust me, you'll be hard pressed to find any film with more wonderment, fantasy, and awe in any movie/film in wide release.

This is what I'm talking about:
Prime example and this is just the first 20 minutes of another great 'original story'.

     I saw Rise of the Guardians in 3D and I know a number of people that don't like the whole 3d experience... do it in 3D anyway.  The movie industry have come a very long way by making the 3 dimensional movies less overwhelming and only ejecting certain images from the screen by necessity.   The imagery and digital art alone is worth your dollar, but the story itself is in a realm of awesomeness no where near here.

        A tatted Santa Clause with a Russian accent, an Australian Easter bunny or even a Jack Frost that is really young and playful sounds too much like the writers trying really hard to be different just for the sake of being different; Or maybe these modified attributes were for shock value only because these ideas may be a bit much. Especially when you attach them to legends that already have a hard-to-believe resume.  Let me reassure you that each character has a compelling story and that adds to the overall experience.  The story itself will have you mesmerized and I'm talking to the adults!
   I didn't find it too violent but there is an abundance of action so kids over 3 should be content.  

    I really had a good time at the theater with this one and I encourage you to try your best and see it while its on the big screen.  I have a feeling somethings may get lost when it goes to Bluray, with no fault of it's own... Rise of the Guardians was made to be experienced at an optimal level.

Another big surprise for animated movies, ROTG is definitely worth your money!

 letter grade:  A


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