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Friday, November 30, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

with a bonus feature:



 "It's hard to love your job, when no one else seems to like you for doing it..."

    I just had a conversation with one of my best friends and we agreed: for whatever reason, Hollywood saves the best original writing and stories told on film for kids.  Most adults would shun from going to a film like this without a kid as an alibi. Really, why do we care what others think?  I'm telling you some of the best movies out are presented in either computer or conventional animation.  I'm going in deep on one of them named Rise of the Guardians shortly after this, but right now lets focus on Ralph.

     I love bonuses. We are treated to a wonderful short film named Paperman by Disney before Wreck-it Ralph starts.  The very first thing you will notice is how smooth the animation is.  The story itself is warm and cute but I always get a kick out of getting more than my money's worth when going to the theater.

        Wreck-it Ralph, for me, is pleasantly nostalgic.  I believe a movie like this is enjoyable to all. However, for a specific group of people, perhaps mostly comprised of 30 and ups. Individuals that remembered when going to a video game arcade with a few dollars worth of quarters was equal to going to Toys R Us on honor roll day. This movie might mean a tad bit more.

   Each voice-over was done well and the casting job was perfect for what they were trying to achieve.  The writing though... the script was so original to me.  I really enjoyed the journey.  Surprisingly emotionally moving too. Even in the middle where the story may have gotten a little flat, the ending more than made up for it.  Loved it!!

More than worth your dollar and time at the show.
letter grade: A

click here for more info on the animation of Paperman... truly interesting stuff!

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