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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol





"Light fuse." 

      There were some confusion of the release date.  It seems as if the movie was only released in theaters with IMAX capabilities.  The mass release is tomorrow December the 21st.   I'm going to break down the movie shortly but please bear with me as I put to rest the rumor of a 6 minute prologue for The Dark Knight Rises... I didn't see it but was told that its only showing at the Dearborn Greenfield village IMAX Theater [ I hope to verify that real soon] if you live in Michigan, but I DID see the trailer and it looks incredible:

          Honestly, I could of exited the theater as soon as the trailer went off and been completely satisfied with the astronomical fee I paid to view the MI:4 picture.  Can't believe I lost it and applauded after the trailer ended, I never do that but that should give you an idea of how awesome the trailer made me feel [side note:  Sooooo happy they decided to stick with the original 'Tumbler']... Quickly, after I clapped I looked over at one of my closest friends and told him that I was real sorry for losing it like that.  He told me that it was nothing as a good friend should but I was still disappointed that my hands and emotions betrayed me.  As a couple minutes passed  and I reminisce about how fortunate that I have been to have witnessed Christopher Nolan complete his masterpiece I look back over at him and say...
"Man, I love my life."  
    we both got a chuckle out of that.... As Jay Z would say 'on to the next one.'

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol... 
     Right off the bat I'll tell you that this was a 'typical' A grade flick.  I say 'typical' because the movie stayed consistent with the blueprint of any successful action flick.
  Beautiful but necessary action,  tense build ups, plot misdirection and surprisingly complicated sub-plots.  A gorgeous female that can hold her own. Mind-blowing gadgetry and a translucent love story pending throughout the picture.  Not to mention great acting. Impeccable camera work, using every pixel of the silver screen using those wide IMAX lens.

     Albeit we are reintroduced to the proverbial action movie dilemma of Russian nuclear launch codes being stolen and a plan to strike the United States, the tension is so thick with this story you really can't afford to look away for a second.  I will admit that I got lost a few times but landed back on track as the movie moved forward.  Especially with the ordeal regarding Brandt, Jeremy Renner's new character in the series.  
          Simon Pegg was outstanding as a comedy relief  and a perfect counter balance to Paula Patton's fierceness.  Paula has really honed her craft. I enjoy watching her work and that's all I'm saying about that.

     As a tech geek I always love watching the 007 gadgets and super spy accommodated vehicles and such...  This movie had some of the most innovative gadgets that I've ever seen.  No spoilers here, you'll just have to watch and see.  
     Director Brad Bird's inaugural live action production was a success.  Honestly, how could it not be with his previous credits consisting of The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouille (the last two having won Academy Awards for best Animated Feature Film)

As stated early...letter grade: A

If you can, see it in IMAX... Do it!  Pricey but worth it... only if you chose to
accept the mission.

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