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Friday, December 2, 2011

J. Edgar





"We must never lower our guard."


ow...  the "worth" grade is given based off the fact that you know that this film is primarily aimed to inform.

       There are two reasons why you would want to see this flick. One, you are somewhat of a  historian/J.Edgar fan. Two, you like Clint Eastwood as a director/Leonardo DiCaprio as an actor.   Pretty much, you know from the trailer that this film is going to play like a documentary.  If you going into the theater with that mind set, you should enjoy this film... I did. 

     The Eastwood version of J. Edgar certainly opened up a lot of things that I did not know about him and some things that film inspired me to research.  On both accounts, my thirst to know more about this interesting character is the result of a story well told and subject matter worthy of the big screen.

     Since I'm not familiar with J. Edgar Hoover's personality or tendencies, nor the tone and pitch of his voice, I can not tell you how good of a job Leonardo did with imitating him.  However, I can definitively tell you that he nailed the role of J. Edgar; both the young and old version of him.  Oscar quality type stuff.

     I encourage anyone who liked the movie "Public Enemy" released in 2009 directed by Micheal Mann starring Johnny Depp and Christen Bale to view this film and learn more about the epic take down of  John Dillinger... pretty interesting.

    Like most films of this caliber, you usually only need to see it once.  Which is why I awarded it 3 MacGuffins up top.  The replay/re-watch value may be a little low unless you've research more J. Edgar material.

  I will be the first to admit that I knew of the man but not so much the innovator.   It's always refreshing to leave the theater with more than you came in with... Reminds me of how I felt after the viewing of Aviator.  The back story to most of our nation's giants, most times, are more interesting than their known accomplishments.

     Clint Eastwood strikes again... I wonder when it's all said and done will he be known more for his accomplishments on screen or off.
Grade: B

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