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Monday, December 19, 2011






Isabelle: " We could get into trouble."
Hugo: "That's how you know it's an adventure."

      It was a long day at work, you know the one, time gets the okay from God to freeze if you mistakenly [by habit] glance at your watch or that wretched wall clock.  I had to catch the bus that day, ironically the day after a layoff of 400 drivers, and... oh yeah, it was a Monday. After work I  get there in the nick of time, popcorn and beverage in hand.  By the time I got situated in my seat the movie started and for the first 25 minutes or so I was burned out trying to figure out what it was I was watching.... It took 10 minutes for the title screen to come up.  Frustration came about because I just wanted to to be entertained but here I am analyzing.  It felt like it wanted to be a comedy but too many serious things were happening.  Then it looked like a whimsical adventure story, which is what it turned out to be but then it went elsewhere... documentary like.
     The longer I sat there the more the story came together.  By the time it ended I was enlightened, entertained, and hungry for more on the subject of film... yes, film.  
 Turns out this is a must see for film aficionados.
Names like Georges Méliès and the Lumière brothers became familiar to me after I thought about the first time I heard those names... in film class.  When the movie ended I couldn't wait to get online to look up some of the facts that were introduced in the film.  Out of all the research, the most memorable fact ended up being how much Ben Kingsley [see movie poster below] looked like Georges Méliès...  spot on!  Kudos to the casting director.  


       Hugo  ends up  it up being an incredible movie!!!  It's one of those movies that gets better by the day.  Every time I think about the movie it gets better to me and today is Friday.  So glad I saw this picture!

   Speaking of casting the boy Asa Butterfield looks surprisingly close to the little boy in Let Me In.  So every time he and  Chloë Grace Moretz has a moment together I cringe.  Besides that, they have very good chemistry on screen ... 
this film earns a B+

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