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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To...

         Hit a dry spell a few weeks ago.

  Not only was I not posting like I usually do, but I also wasn't going to the show that often either.  Couple that with a hernia out of no where and surgery to follow... let's just say I probably missed out on some pretty good movies [Driver] and I felt like I let my readers down.
    Not to worry because I got back on my horse and began to write and as I'm in the dashboard section of my blog I noticed a couple of comments!  I don't get very many of those so I race over to see what they were and they read:
Bonita~Keme said...
Hey! Great Blog!! I have an award for you on my page :-]
VIVA.V said...
Ok so this is going to sound cheesy with some extra cheese dip to go along. But I'm gonna say it anyway - I really like your blog, it's different to a lot of the other blogs out there. I love the personal experience attached to this and your straight to the point reviews. As for the movie 'Real Steel'. Well I'm a bit of a sci-fi, futuristic, action nerd so I'm sold esp. for the fact that it actually has a decent story line. Keep the quality reviews coming! C.ULT FRIDAY.

     Man! I was grinning like life was just... alright now!!!  I carried that grin for a while and I thanked them the best way I knew how.
    How incredible is it to be recognized by your writing peers?!  Of all the things I wanted to do, I would of never thought I would find my niche in writing. All this award did was propel me to become better at honing my craft.  Thank you again Bonita~Keme and Viva.V, both of which, have awesome blogs!
    Bonita~Keme's scribe is a blog that I like to read to keep up with the things I missed.  Whether it's that song from an independent artist to a story that touches the heart.
   We truly live in an awesome age where we can all connect in the name of enlightening each other.  This information era is truly our height of civilization and I thank God for making us all different.  Life is sooooo much more interesting that way.

The Rules:
The rules state that you must link the person who gives you the award, list 7 things about yourself, and pass the torch to 15 other deserving bloggers.

7 Things About Conroy:
  • I love movies [surprisingly right?]
  • I live my life saved, for Christ and our Father
  • I've been single longer than I care to mention and it's getting a lil scary.... I really enjoying my own company.
  • I love everybody.  That's not a blanket statement. It took me awhile to get to this point. I really enjoy people that are different, think different, and act different from me.
  • I never completed A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens and even though my life has absolutely nothing to do with deceit, lies, or a French Revolution... I always refer to the title to accurately describe my love for Chicago's professional teams as well as Detroit's professional teams.
  • I will probably be the first guy to get married with 3 best men.
  • Charlie Day's character in Horrible Bosses reminds me of me the most.  Having a career and money is great but since middle school, all I ever wanted to be was married with kids.

     As I give out my awards according to the rules, I will recognize just a few of the many blogs that I visit through out the week... and without any further delays [rump pump, pump, pump]

and the awards go to...

click on the title to visit the blog
This blog is awesome.

 Faithe's Lounge

Her's is a Christian publication that I like to read... or should I say absorb.  A very easy and delightful read with much substantial depth.
       Her writing puts me  at peace and usually speaks to something that I'm going through or has gone through.  A lot of it is just having fun reading about her adventures and how she deals with different situations.  
   Her compositions are always applicable to my life somehow.




Entertainment and Music Health and Beauty Must Read News Real Talk Relationships Success We Love
   As I explained earlier, this blog is organically diverse in culture, Entertainment, and news.  Love it!

Now Is Your Time To Reign In Life!
 One of my favorite blogs. Inspiring, spiritually sound, very health conscience and very very very informational.
  Really enjoy this one!

Most Beautiful Islands

This is my other favorite!  I LOVE this blog. Of course I love to travel [who doesn't], so I come here when I need to drift or gain information on my next trip!   
    Great blog for  finance tips, business ideas and overall money management!

Culinary Adventures with the Spear Family

     I love food and I experiment with recipes.  I'm starting to enjoy veggie dishes and this blog is REALLY helpful with ideas!  Love this one.


This is the blog that I have frequented the longest.  I used to really be into NeoSoul and Hiphop heavy. This site was head and shoulders above everything on the net (next to
Now that I've slowed down from that, I still visit to keep my ear to the earth.
      There is no blog more thorough with [new] music.


 Any gamers out there? This blog offers a very broad spectrum of information pertaining to new releases without being... over bearing.  Very nice blog indeed.



    I like interior design especially domestic and I visit this blog when I can.  Just a great, great blog. 
I linked their 

Top 25 Interior Design & Furniture Blogs  for an added bonus.  It has links  to 25 other great Interior Design blogs. Well done PadStyle and please keep up the great work.

The Tattooed Librarian

      The life of a librarian can be very interesting.  I like reading her posts. 
    Very interesting stuff!!


    Popcorn and Sticky Floors 

    A film buff like myself, only his is more retro.  His blog also has a certain noir feel to it and way more ris'ke than mine.  I love learning new things about cinema that I would have never found out otherwise.

    The Code Is Zeek

     A film buff just like myself.  Our stuff is a little more contemporary than P&SF and I frequent this site because I love their perspective on today's movies. The blog is a lot of fun and full of energy.


    Great place to read about current events
    (click the caption for link)

     I stay well informed reading this blog... especially if I missed the nightly news.




    Thanks sincerely to everyone that
    reads my 

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