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Thursday, October 27, 2011



"Bailey : 1200 miles for a kiss?
Charlie: Worth it. So worth it"


     So this was a movie that I DEFINITELY had no intentions of seeing.  Had it not been for my normally laid-back nephew coming into the den screaming wildly about how awesome the flick was, I would not of went to check it out... glad I did.

    May I firstly say, residents of Michigan, specifically Detroit, stand up.  The movie brought out some of the most overlooked treasures steadily taken for granted in the beautiful city.  
     Second... All the actors and actresses performed well- to- admirably.

    Thirdly, if you don't want to ruin the movie, don't analyze the whole Robot Boxing  concept.  Remember how we talked about just "going with it" back in the  Source Code review?   The movie did a nice job of making the sport seem legit despite glaring holes in the rationale... but truly, you know going in the theater that you are going to see robots boxing so why be a cynic?

   Even though the movie is about mechanical warriors duking it out, there is a much bigger story at play here.

    Reel Steel has enough real emotion to warm the heart and to appreciate some of the 'small' things in life.

   Definitely worth a gander, especially if you live in Detroit.  I give it a B!


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