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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tower Heist


" A shark is born swimming."


     As we continue down memory lane cinema, we come to the always enjoyable and loveable Eddie Murphy.   Personally, this was my favorite movie star coming up.  ESPECIALLY in that era where there weren't very many young black faces on the big screen.  I remember my big sister sneaking me in the living  room to watch him on Saturday Night Live.  This was the only guy that made me laugh using grown-up humor as a kid.

      I'll will admit that I may be biased when analyzing the bulk of his work with the exception of  "The Klumps"[there's no excuse for that movie]. I sometimes feel as if I'm the only person in the world that loved him in "Vampire in Brooklyn" and "Norbit".  The truth is that even though I can bypass a lot of what others may call mediocre Eddie, I can still sit back and easily enjoy his work although, I too must admit that I indeed miss the days of 48 hours and Beverly Hills Cop...  who hasn't?  

         How great is to have the real Eddie Murphy back. Plus, I like Ben Stiller in movies.  I spoke of Steve Carell being among the best at situational comedy in the Crazy,Stupid,Love post.  I have to put Ben  Stiller in that same category, in fact both Steve and Ben are in my top 5 for cinema 'situation' perspective humor.

       Here's that word again, nostalgia; Matthew Broderick and I go all the way back to WarGames.  I loved him in that!   I think Michael Peña makes a great supporting actor in mostly all the flicks that he has been in. Téa Leoni on the other hand...  and I will admit, her role in Bad Boys taints my opinion of each of her characters in every flick thereafter.  Honestly, she was okay in this one.

     Even though the trailer didn't lure me at all, I made my way to the theater anyway.  The very first thing I noticed is how much this movie felt and almost looked like Trading Places.  I feel myself drifting and about to unfairly compare the two so I shake my head real hard and regain focus.
      The movie's story line is set up beautifully.  Character introduction was very easy to absorb.  Which, in turn, allowed for very believable character development as the movie gained speed.  Along the way we are privied to some excellent casting as we meet ambient characters that become... pretty important in the main conflict and generally the overall mood of the picture. Surprisingly, there are quite a few 'emotionally' stirring moments.

     Even as preposterous and over-the-top to down right silly  the main caper was, it didn't irritate me as much as it should of.  I award that to a pretty good script, with some awesome dialog between the participants and an awesome recreation of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.

  There were a few surprises, misdirection, deception, and just the right amount of funny to not really be labeled as a comedy but a pretty good heist flick.

   I give this one a strong B.  Definitely worth the dollar.



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