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Friday, August 5, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love.


" Oh  my God, you did Miyagi me. "


     Must admit that I was watching this movie with a bad attitude complete with my arms crossed and my bottom lip poked out.   Apparently, Cal's[Steve Carell's character] wife, asks him for a divorce very curt, very cold and apparently from out of nowhere. This is not a spoiler because this is in the trailer.  Next thing I know  Steve is moving out the house. What!? She should be the one grabbing an apartment and busing it to work since she's the one that wants to leave.  What is this world coming to!? tsk tsk

     So the movie is going right along like I though it would with one exception, I thought it would be a tad bit funnier. I find myself rooting for Cal hoping he can bounce back while his son is in a dilemma of his own. 

     About 3 quarters of the way through, there was an ordeal that pleasantly caught me off guard.  Right then[!] is where the  movie started to get really good.  I found myself trying to remember to close my mouth and my eyes stayed peeled to the screen.  The jokes/gags were funnier to edgier and I really started to enjoy myself.  The story line really impressed me as we approached the conflict resolution.

    Not to mention the lessons learned were genuine, smart and very well done.

     Steve Carell has an uncanny ability to express authentic emotions very efficiently and seemingly effortlessly.  His situational comedy is among the best I've seen, ESPECIALLY when the situation revolves around love... I guess that's why the Office did so well.  Most people can relate to his style/brand of comedy.  I'll never forget this episode where David ( the CFO) made Steve (Micheal Scott) go on this business trip to Canada right after he got his heart broke (pretty much by the same person) and he fell for this concierge.  They had a great time until she kicked him out of her room the next morning or later that night.  A moment passes and she cracks the door to put his shoes in the hallway... His face, his body language, the silence that followed, that whole scene screamed 'hurt' and he never said a word.

     I enjoyed this movie a lot. I grade it a very strong B.



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