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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friends With Benefits



      I surprised myself by going to see this one. Having seen No Strings Attached just a few months ago I had no intention of revisiting the inevitable.  I felt no movie production company is going to take a romantic couple movie and split them up in the end.  The closest the industry came was in the movie The Breakup.  Even though the title prepared us for the conclusion it still didn't go over well with a lot of us. 

     Honestly, the movie had more depth than I would expect from such a shallow title.  I like where the story went when Dylan's [Justin Timberlake] family was introduced, especially his father.  For some reason, that whole dilemma with his pops just resonated with me.  Richard Jenkins, Dylan's dad, did an extraordinary  and convincing job of making his part memorable in a watch-then-forget-it kind of flick .

     Nice cameos from Shaun White and Andy Samberg, but Woody Harrelson continues to be a funny/necessary addition to any flick.

     The movie was worth watching, I give it a C+.



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