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Thursday, February 24, 2011

'No Strings Attached'

 The Pitch



No Strings Attached left me 'dangling' in my seat for a little over a half of a hour fiening for entertainment. Wait, that was a bit harsh; There are moment(s) that may allow you to grin but then you are abruptly back waiting for the next fix.
The moral concept of the movie applies as it does in real real life. Friends with benefits never work because one of you will develop feelings.  Ashton's character was warned before the movie got underway by some random biker/jogger/dog walker [can't remember what the guy was doing].  Of course he's too excited to listen so we watch the inevitable then the resolution.
I have to say, once the movie decides to conclude itself the moments are really felt. I appreciated that.  It's kind of like a real expensive bow tie on some very impressive wrapping paper containing a very bland gift.
I give it a C. Marginally worth watching.


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