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Tuesday, May 10, 2011



          I don't know what percentage of the masses I represent, but I am a viewer with very limited knowledge of Thor or his comic book origins.  So the character development in the story would be essential to me enjoying this flick. Now-a-days comic book made movies have been pretty good about that and I expect nothing less from the official lead off of the 2012 summer-blockbusters. In my opinion they did an excellent job with the movie but the real jump-off for the 2011 summer cinema fest started last week with Fast Five! I'm slightly irritated that Vin Diesel & company got kicked under the bed when Marvel came in the room but that's another story, let's get into THOR.

Upon hearing that Hollywood was going to make this picture some years back my knee-jerk reaction was to do my own personal casting call.  I didn't take long, in fact the next Sunday while watching True Blood it became clear to me Alexander Skarsgard who plays Eric Northman in True Blood would be perfect!

  Smiling at the thought reminiscent to the same smile I drew while watching Remington Steel as a young-ling--- "Boy, that Remington (Pierce Bronson) would make a great 007!" Little did I know that they had their sights on Australian born actor Chris Hemsworth. Little is known about Chris, especially from us that live here in the states. I remember the very brief but effective and long-lasting impression of his acting skills in the 2009 blockbuster Star Trek

His version of George Kirk (James T. Kirk's father) was a memorable one to say the least. Then the other more familiar names started to emerge... the Natalie Portmans, the Anthony Hopkins, Jeremy Renner, Idris Elba.  Kudos to the head of the casting team! Job well done!

           When the movie started we were thrust into battle. Many of the definitions and explaining came while the story was unfolding itself. I'm sure many characters from the anticipated Avengers movie were foreshadowed but none caused more of a stir than the first peek at 'Hawkeye' played by Jeremy Renner [see below].

         Who is Hawkeye some of you ask?  That's the guy with the bow and arrow awaiting orders to take THOR out while perched in that cable car unit above the action.  More applause as Stan Lee [creator of the Thor comics] made another classic cameo. A partial applause came after the post-credit material finished.  A lot of us wasn't sure what we witnessed so don't forget to stay after the credits and see if you can make it out.
          Besides being incredibly loud, it was fun seeing Thor going through his character arc.  It was equally impressive learning how deceitful and cunning your foes can be.  Honor, love, and duty all put to the test. I'm sure you'll enjoy the result.

This movie is worth watching and worth and definitly worth your buck.  This one you don't have to neccessarily see in 3D but above all...

Don't forget to wait for all the credits to scroll,
you really want ot see the very brief bonus 

THOR earns a B.

See this great featurette below.

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