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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rango <--- click for official website



So you think you've seen the ultimate use of CGI [Computer Generated Imagery] in film. Perhaps while viewing Toy Story or Up. Maybe you shouted 'wow' while watching Avatar. Heck, I know I was overwhelmed with the use of it in Tron but never, ever, ever ever ever ever, would I have THUNK that a film by Nickelodeon would trump all that I've seen from the movie industry thus far... I want to say"with the exception of Tron"... Just keep in mind that Tron used it in a different way. Rango was shot entirely in CGI and it just looks incredible!!! Landscapes! Water!  Even though there weren't that many [maybe 2 or 3], the humans looked real enough to fool even the biggest skeptic. However, the main attraction where the animals.  Every visible scale down to the signature movements, attitudes, and charisma where just eye candy.  I was so engrossed by the imagery that even through the most compelling parts my mouth was still ajar in admiration of the work.

          After you get pass the visuals the next great attribute is Johnny Depp.  You get all this great dialogue from Rango at the beginning and throughout the film.  The first time we see our  hero hopeful he's doing all these different split character monologues while maintaining his origin voice characteristic of the chameleon!  Not sure if kids [depending on the child] will appreciate everything about this flick but I am sure they will certainly be involved with it.  The pace of the movie is pretty slow [western style] and a lot  of the innuendos, comedy, and back and forthness will surely fly over their little heads.

          This movie is a lot of things but a kid's movie... ehhhh. This is a western trying to disguise it's self as a kid's movie.  When it's time to separate these videos at your Blockbuster I can see them putting Rango under Western's, Family movies maybe.  
If you read my review for True Grit[<---click it], you would know that I'm far from a Western lover, in fact I don't watch a lot of westerns at all but the few that I like, I really like...eeer, okay, love [contradicting myself]. I love the grit, the toughness, the outdoor scenery... everything that makes a western a western including the staple of any great western... the saloon/bar scene. The uncertainty in the atmosphere when a stranger walks in is truly transferable from on screen to your nerves. The place is usually dim in light and serious.  Rango captured ALL of that just right!

          Talented cast, and a beautiful written screenplay with amazing graphics and oh yeah... Hans Zimmer doing the music... You end up with an A from me, and a masterpiece in the making depending on how it resonates with the rest of the grown-up crowd [contradiction no.#2, I may not have grown up yet]


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