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Friday, December 31, 2010

True Grit

The Pitch


The View
Before I give you my review I must preface warnings...  I don't usually watch westerns. When I do watch them, I unfairly weigh them to the best western I've ever seen, Tombstone. Now,knowing this I will say that I was unimpressed with this flick but I cannot dog it because the dialogue was worth the price of admission.... what else would one expect from a Coen Brothers movie though? From The Big Lebowski to The Ladykillers to O' Brother Where Art Thou to No Country for Old Men which reminds me how conflicted I was when I walked out the theater viewing that one(NCFOM)!...  Conflicted, impoverished, spent, and confused, not because I wondered about the movie but more of : did I like what I had just seen?  The answer was an emphatic yes but it took a while for me to come to that result... same here.
 I guess I was expecting more action to compliment the beautiful silence in most parts of this movie. A certain measure of blood [in a payback movie] to go with the gorgeous cinematography.
One of the problem(s) this 'revenge' movie had was the audience never saw the act that the young girl was trying to avenge. All we know is that her father was betrayed.  Throughout the film it would have seemed that she'd done enough but she was incredibly insatiable. So much so that her commitment morphed into down right stubbornness.
This movie is definitely worth a gander.  All though I didn't see the John Wayne original, I heard that the book by Charles Portis was like a modern Shakespeare... a must read.
I give True Grit a B-.  

The Worth

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