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Monday, July 28, 2014

Begin Again





"Dave: I wanted to turn it into a hit.
Greta: Why?"
    This might be thee surprise film of this summer.  Boxed in the walls of “limited release” you will have to search your neighborhood theaters to find it.  My discovery came by a good friend that happen to see the teaser on a random channel on an even more random network.  From the beginning to the end the story captivated me and wowed me not only with a coherent and plausible script but original songwriting as well.  It is safe to say the music was mesmerizing.  The soundtrack as well as the musical score are all threatened to be bought by me as soon as they become available.  

    Director John Carney did a masterful job portraying the smaller nuances and semantics that makes a romantic comedy work. Betrayal, misdirection of the story to propel the plot, descent from prominence, redemption.  All these things seemed far more defined than in your usual romance stories that can seem a little too dramatic and predictable. The cast did a remarkable job of bringing the script to life.  According to Scarlett Johansson was casted for the lead but dropped out.  Turns out to be a fortunate hang up because although I like Scarlett and I believe she has skills[acting] her sexiness, due to her being typecast for so many movies, may have worked against her in this role.  Keira Knightley was perfectly imperfect for her character, if that makes any sense.

    The topic of music and the music industry interest me. This film also captured me by pointing out what is wrong with the music industry.  I tried to let it go but I’m still squirming in my seat at the notion that they know yet still choose to produce shallow hits.  I know music execs go to the show and this isn’t the first film to tackle this issue. Anyways, I was also very amazed and pleased over the reintroduction of the “concept” album.  Unsure of what that is?? I predict you are somewhere south of 26yrs old which is not a diss because it certainly isn’t your fault. This film supplies an excellent example of just what that is.

   Lastly I marvel, once again, at how John Carney was able to capture the joy/essence of music in a way that transcends all cultures and genres.  Easy to understand descriptions made me remember some things I use to love about it but forgot.

    This film’s competition isn’t some goofy love story starring a heart-throb with lukewarm lines and a shallow script. No, this film resides in the top tier films in this genre… Love Actually, The Notebook, About Time, There’s Something About Mary, Silver Linings Playbook, The Holiday (yes, It thought The Holiday was gem missed by a lot of people), and so on… Catch my drift? This is a film you don't want to miss in the the theater all though I KNOW that it would make a wonderful rental night.

     Worth Watching.

     letter grade: A

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