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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man 2




"You're Spider-Man, and I love that. But I love Peter Parker more."

         Like every Superhero movie, the main conflict, besides the one with his/her arch nemesis, is the one with their alter ego.  Peter Parker’s struggle to learn his past, get questions answered, while struggling to keep up with life is not a new predicament for most Superheroes.  However Peter’s plight to live a normal life with this super duper great ‘responsibility’ plays so closely or mirrors life to the audience more than any other alter ego character that I can think of in film.  That is what ultimately sets The Amazing SpiderMan franchise, and even the Spider-man pictures with Tobey Maguire apart from the out of control competition in Hollywood of who has the biggest budget.  

    Tobey was great as Spider-man but  Andrew Garfield has now fully morphed into Peter Parker with this last performance.  I know him by name now, he is no longer ‘that guy that played in the Facebook movie’.  His performance was awesome to watch.  Andrew was able to showcase his wide range of acting abilities as the script called for such a broad range of emotion.  Like Jordan hitting the last shot in Cleveland Garfield nailed it.  He was called upon to follow a very successful and popular role already filled by the accomplished Maguire and with this performance has now imprinted his own brand of Peter Parker.   I doubt if comic book/superhero movies/films will ever yield an Oscar because lets face it, they are comic book and superhero movies/films. 
 However if you could make an exception, this would definitely be one of them.  Sally Field playing Aunt May would be another.  There is no way I can write my review without giving Sally her just due.  In fact I could debate that she may have outshined Andrew but that’s a debate for another day.  Lastly, while giving kudos for acting…. Jamie Foxx.  His performance as Max /Electro was phenomenal, or as Stan Lee would say… “Amaaaazing!”
 I saw the trailer and thought this character Electro was going to be soooooo over the top and corny.  Wrong!  Jamie pulled it off with some help from the premium costume crew, sound mixing crew, and post-production CGI crew.  One more thing regarding the word ‘premium’, Hanz Zimmer was apart of the music in The Amazing Spiderman 2.  Being involved with the DC universe for so long I was surprised to see his name in the credits of a Marvel film.  Atlas, this is such a different world that we live in where the bottom line and common goal in Hollywood is money.   Like in sports and currently seeping through the movie industry, rivalries are becoming a thing of the past.  

       The Cinematography for a city setting was gorgeous.  Nice landscape shots including the ones of the famous Oscorp building. Oscorp would be a Michigan Health inspector’s dream!!  It’s literally an oven for baking super-villains and super-heroes.  I’ll admit to my fandom ultimately being the reason why I can forgive the conventional way to make good and bad guys…but again, sometimes you have to let go of reality to appreciate the fantasy.  I just ask that a narrative like this does not steadily insult my intelligence throughout the story…. so yes, I can live with mutant electric eels transforming a human into a super weapon.  Just don’t ask me to close my reasoning too many more times.

     Lastly, the love story in here was awesome.  It felt genuine.  The chemistry on screen was perfect…. and regardless of what you may have read or heard, I believe the film had a perfect balance to offset all the action!  I’m hyped… so maybe not “perfect” but as close to flawless as you can get!  Hows that!!??

         Worth your money doesn’t even sum it up correctly.  I’m ready to go see it again!  3D seems to be a money-grab for the industry now-a-days but I can’t imagine seeing it again without it… The 3D was a perfect attribute to a wonderful and in a lot of ways inspiring tale.

 letter grade: A

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