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Tuesday, May 27, 2014





" That's a good man. "

For all of my audience with Attention Deficit [hyperactivity] Disorder, those who scurry past these words and look at the “Worth” and “letter grade” before deciding if your current situation permits time enough to read the “Viewing”... YOU, my mighty majority, may also notice the pictures.  Apparently with this post you’ve notice that all the stills and screenshots look exactly alike, well… That is what you are going to see for the majority of the whole film.  Ballsy of them huh?  You are not up for a directorial ‘stunt’ right?  Well, let me be the first to tell I’ll tell ya…  it worked but I hope this trend does not catch on.

       I believe LOCKE had the perfect storm, an incredible actor who is quickly rising into my top 5 favorite actors. Also a great script outlining three very compelling stories.  Lastly the enormous weight of each decision. It is near impossible to sit there in the theater and not care.
    The only problem I had is a consistent problem with films that have great stories embedded in them that don’t ultimately become great.  They are either missing a beginning, a middle or an end.  LOCKE is missing one of these and maybe overloaded in another area.  I won't say which ones because I wouldn’t want you looking for it.  It will take away from the suspense.

    Contrary to that one problem discussed above the place where the film succeeds more than any other film that I’ve seen in a while is plausibility.  The most realistic feel regarding cause and effect, right and wrong, even good and evil.  I steadily asked myself how I would of handled each situation throughout Ivan Locke’s drive.  I really dig films that make you subconsciously interact with them.  Thats a certain indication that you got your money's worth if you're on the fence wondering if this was a good film or not.

      I want a BMW. Product placement of their vehicle in this film is ingenious.  Through it all, it was the ONLY thing in the film that was reliable and not 'fragile', that and the in-panel phone. This film did for BMW what RONIN did for Audi. What The Italian Job did for the Mini Cooper... You get my 'drift'. 

      This film is definitely worth the buck.   I’m not sure that I would ever watch it again,  especially after the ending. What ending?  What ending indeed.

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