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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thor: The Dark World




"I need your help. And I wish I could trust you..."

I’m soooooo behind with my blog that I have to be real brief with my thoughts. Because of that case I’ll start my overview like this… I liked this sequel a lot.  I have said that I enjoyed this one perhaps just slightly more than the first. Why? There was a lot going on, astrophysics, wormholes, scientists and a big hammer… I remember certain people in my circle arguing that this movie was just simply too busy.  I may have agreed with them only if the constant array of danger and confusion wasn’t directed in a way that we couldn’t understand.  Laymen knowledge of all that “geek” stuff was sufficient enough to follow this story. I’m willing to bet the replay value is off the charts.  Admittedly I’ve yet to rent or own this movie and it’s been available for months.  Don’t use that as a barometer because truthfully I haven’t had time to rent anything, and buying movies are becoming a rarity with all the streaming choices available.  

 I believe this movie is Worth Watching!

 grade: B+

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