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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


(trying to catch my blog up)




"you will witness a miracle"

        There’s nothing wrong with making sequels. It’s risky, sometimes necessary, but sometimes it’s just downright greed, trying to stretch the story thin for more revenue.  A great story doesn’t really ‘need’ a follow-up.  It lowers the original  narrative to a certain degree. The news of The Best Man producing a sequel was not received well by me.  Seeing the trailer made my rejection to the idea more fierce.  I  strongly believed that no script could qualify as a good reason to pile on an already great movie.  Even more, what studio would greenlight such a lofty idea of extending an already perfect story???…. boy was I wrong.  This very well might have been a better story than the first!!!  and I really mean that! 
       I see NOW why the trailer was so shielding and so secretive.  The promotion team being very careful not to reveal the plot almost pushed viewers like me away in the process.  From the looks of the teaser I just KNEW this movie had a shallow script.   The Best Man Holiday trailer just looked like it had nothing new or fresh and interesting except an apparent reenactment of a great New Edition song.  So as soon as the fourth person told me this movie was awesome I had to go and judge it for myself.  Now I can’t stop urging my friends and co-workers to check out the film.  I haven’t checked the box office for it’s first week numbers yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if this film did better in it’s second week.  Word of mouth is still the way to endorse a product.  It costs absolutely nothing and the only way to get it is to earn it… Writer Malcom D. Lee has certainly done that.  

   Definitely worth watching!!

   Just really quick, I HAVE to say that I’m loving the overall message of forgiveness, friendship, love and God.  Ultimately ALL the necessary ingredients to have a rich and fulfilling life. I surely can testify to that!!!
  Letter grade: A+

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