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Friday, November 1, 2013

The Counselor



"You don't know someone until you know what they want." 

  This was a very confusing film to watch.  From beginning to end I found myself constantly trying to put ‘pieces’ together.  You have to be very patient with the plot.  Then, when everything starts to flow, there are more questions made in the progress.  Dialogue, Dialogue, Dialogue, or should I have said Monologue, monologue, monologue!  There were way too much talking about…whatever and everything! Not enough execution of the themes and ideas talked about. Don’t get me wrong, there was plenty of executing, but not enough to balance the scale where metaphors and very wise ideals sat on the opposite side from action and plot resolution… that side of the seesaw stayed in the dirt.

      Everything that made No Country for Old Men spectacular had a direct opposite effect in The Counselor, which involuntarily showcase's The Coen Brothers genius.   Besides Quentin Tarantino, Joel and Ethan Coen are the best at directing conversation… and this script had a lot of it.  Ridley Scott’s[director of The Counselor] expertise has never been a novelistic style of directing rather a descriptive visual suspense style that relies heavily on a great script and story.  Since the story here is confusing and maybe a little weak, the great Mr. Scott becomes as exposed as George Lucas with the Redtails project.
    Besides being a disappointment there were gems throughout.  None more than an extended phone call from a mob boss buddy (that I’m still unsure of how they met) telling the counselor certain truths in life that we can ALL benefit from… as a matter of fact, if there was ever a replay value to this film THAT would be it.  That plus another very interesting lesson about diamonds from another captivating character whose wisdom also doubles as his character’s intro and outro…Character build-up is non-existent throughout the entire running time… You literally will have to accept everyone for who they are, which should work in a film ‘like this’... but it doesn't.  

   I give Michael Fassbender accolades every chance I get.  He’s one of the best and one of my favorite actors… He’s also the leakiest. Ol boy can really cry and turn the juices on.  Some may feel like he overacted for this part but I don’t.  Cameron Diaz played her character extremely well, and to think Angelina Jolie was originally casted.  I’m glad it worked out the way it did.  Penelope Cruz did a good job and Brad Pitt played himself but Javier Bardem was the most interesting character out of all of them, he did an amazing job playing a drug dealer living life loud but wrestling with sentimental issues of the heart.   The scene with him venting to the counselor about his wild girlfriend and her exploits with his vehicle is by far the most memorable scene!  Its a shame this incredible cast will be casted into the abyss of "dream teams that fell short".

      Is this film worth the buck? It’s worth it, quality of the film can vouch for that…. Should you pay theater prices to see this film? Probably not, I would recommend you making this a movie night once it comes out  on bluray… and even then be warned, it may be even harder to follow when you in your own home and especially if you're sitting on a comfortable couch.

  letter grade: C+

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