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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Wolverine




"It's not like I get a complete picture... More like looking through a keyhole... but I'm ALWAYS right. All I can see is one part of a person's life: their death... and I saw yours..."

Robert Downey Jr gets a lot of credit as the best superhero cast of all time…   as he should, but we sometimes forget Hugh Jackman as Logan.  I think his work as Wolverine is brilliant. With the help of a great script this Wolverine movie should have been a classic.  Unfortunately it fell into the “ forgettable summer banger” pit solely because of it’s pace.  A lot of people claimed that it was way too slow.  Not for me, I loved the pace but I will admit it was way different from any of the other X-men movies.  Try to mentally visualize your favorite haiku.  The movie looked like that more or less, which can be a turnoff if you're going in expecting action on top of more action.

    I thought the plot was fantastic.  The cinematography was even noticeably good, especially for a comic book film.  Lastly, if you would keep in mind that this movie is truly a character analysis of Logan. Loner, trying to distance himself from love, people, the X-men... You may have a different opinion about the movie.  I really liked it but probably only need to watch it once.  The plot twist got me pretty good.  I seriously doubt that it will be as exciting knowing what to look for.

    Definitely worth your buck!   B  

Bonus scene material after the credits is a MUST see! 
So sit still.

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