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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Lone Ranger (2013)



" It was a ranger, riding a white horse. Got some lunatic Indian with him. They're coming for you."

The Lone Ranger isn't what I thought it would be but it is exactly what I expected from Disney.  Think Pirates of the Caribbean... on land though.  Almost too goofy for this sort of reboot but Johnny Depp certainly balances the seesaw between corny and funny.  Also, too many wise cracks when death is imminent.  It’s different when James Bond does it, most times the one liners are timely and used sparingly but it’s something else entirely to be a smart butt all the time with bullets whizzing past your head.  This is a dangerous trend because a lot of movies suffer from this, most recently Ironman 3.  Back to the Lone Ranger…  The story seemed to unravel itself pretty slow even though the pace of the movie seemed to be fairly good.  *hunching shoulders* That’s another way of saying the ‘flow’ was weird. More a bad than good… and yes, there can be a good weird.

     True fans, especially the ones in their 50’s and up might sneer at the modifications and the “new” attributes installed in some of the main characters sprinkled throughout the story…  Walking out the theater I saw a multitude of “I don’t know what to make of it” faces.  My mom said [paraphrasing] she liked it but wished they would've let the ‘Lone Ranger’ BE a Ranger…. I agree.

   Barely worth watching. Letter Grade is a C+

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