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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Family




        There's this explicit word used all through this film and it starts with an F (hint: It's not 'family').  This word was masterfully used, mostly by the main character, to express a litany of emotion and responses... most times depending on the cadence.  My response after seeing this flick may have included the same word, the only thing is that I can organize my ideas and explain to you why "The Family" sucked in standard English.

       First, there's no identity.  What is it, comedy or mob story? It's hard to be both and successful   Most mob stories are inherently funny because of the sheer gall, the nerve... "the balls"...  as most mob family movies put it.  The antics and sheer disregard for rules and order are more than disbelief, most times we sit in awe.  We had sprinkles of that awe in The Family but surely not enough to satisfy.

    Secondly, I can’t help but think that I've seen this movie before.  The plot is so cliche with not enough or almost no sub plots or twists.

     The only bright spot that was consistent throughout the whole movie was Michelle Pfeiffer!  She was almost unrecognizable without a mask.  He accent and delivery of her lines were spot on.  I can tell she did her research before stepping on set.

    A few chuckles here and there, maybe a laugh depending on your sense of humor. I love Robert De Niro but wouldn't pay full admission price at the theater for this one… It makes a better DVD rental night movie.

letter grade: C+  .  

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