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Monday, September 23, 2013





"Times up."

Having viewed all the “Riddick” movies prior to this one I thought maybe, just maybe this one would ”tie up loose ends” or perhaps provide some closure[expectations from ANY cult classic sequel].  Hardly fulfilling either one of those precepts it became increasingly confusing after the movie referred to older characters… I simply didn’t remember any of them because what we really go to these flicks for isn’t the supporting cast but for Riddick himself… which [this movie]“Riddick” had more than enough of.
     Vin Diesel was the ONLY person we saw for half the movie. Vin Diesel was also the only human we heard  for half the movie… and the parts where Riddick himself wasn’t speaking, he narrated! It’s comical to really reflect about that as I sit here and proofread but that is exactly what happened… up until a flashback and the bounty Hunters arrived.  As narcissistic as it may seem, it wasn’t as bad as I wrote it.  It worked in the sense that I was there to see a testosterone, anti-metro-sexual, kick butt, no-holds barred movie sci fi movie and that’s exactly what I got.
     Yes some of it was ‘dumb’, most of it was over the top, a few shallow lines made for a pretty low score in my book… but one thing was for sure, you wanted to see  everyone that had it coming get theirs and we were satisfied!!!  

   I thought the ending was very weak but still deem it worth watching!

letter grade:  C

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