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Thursday, September 26, 2013





"What in the world did you do?!"

Powerful! Brilliant! Just pure cinema excellence at every curve of this suspense thrill ride.  Honestly…  I don’t remember seeing a better suspense movie since Seven, with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.  I say that with full confidence being three days after watching it and still feel the same way as I felt walking out of the auditorium.  Talking about it on the car ride home, debates about karma vs Irony, water cooler discussions at work… It’s been awhile since we had a great movie that did not include a comic book or cliche-ish superhero.  Definitely a movie you only need to see one time but for some reason I want to add it to the bluray collection when it comes out.

      Hugh Jackman made his case for actor superiority if he hadn't already.  One of the most underrated actors of our time, including by myself.  Terrence Howard was phenomenal as usual and the supporting cast was fantastic to watch.

   I can’t emphasize how paralyzingly awesome the plot twist were.  There is no taking the eyes of the screen once the movie really gets going. Masterfully directed and wrote. Lines between right and wrong are blurred, purposely. You began to question your own set of morals.  It’s one of those films that stays with you.

    Perfect title too! The word Prisoners describes more than you think. The audience really become “prisoners” to the moment.  A moment that you’ll never forget.



 Worth watching. Letter grade: A+

Just a heads up, there's no bonus scene at the end of the credits, believe me! I personally sat there and waited.

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