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Friday, September 13, 2013

Pacific Rim




"Fortune favors the brave, dude."

   For the love of Science Fiction… look at the trailer… If you are not into giant monster movies or Tech armor movies… then Pacific Rim isn't for you.  Feels like wasted keystrokes but its amazing how the obvious can be overlooked or simply dismissed.   I liked ‘PR’ because it was what it set out to be and even more.  Action was served up way more often than expected and  it looked a whole lot better than I could expected as well.

      Aside from SyFy channel level acting Idris Elba stood out.  He played his character extremely well…. Well enough to separate him from the rest of this cast and ultimately good enough to take time to mention it here.  

   There isn't a whole bunch to add.  Maybe a little corny at times but that’s covered up with all this incredible action going on.  It’s like eating your favorite candy verses eating your favorite fruit/vegetable.  Empty calories so you really don’t think about it later. Plus , like your sweet tooth, once you're satisfy it you're ready for a real meal.  No regrets.

  Worth Watching…  B-

Just a few minutes into the end credits there is a bonus scene so sit still.

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