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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lee Daniels' The Butler




" The whole world was changing and I didn't know how I fit in."

   Memorable in a very good way.  I’m not certain why most of the professional critics panned it but everyone that I personally know gave only glowing reviews about it.  In fact, almost every story that we've traded about our experience watching it always refers to real applause  in the auditorium at the end of it.  Simply worth every cent of that dollar.

     The Butler serves as a sure pick for this year’s best underdog movie.  Beating out  Elysium     (which turned out to be really good as well),  Kick-Ass 2, and Jobs.  

      If you pointed a gun at me and made me pick something wrong I would say the pace… At times it may have seemed slow but as I defend my desperate plea now that the gun is away… That’s also what I liked about the film.  They covered some very important events.  All that would've made really good movie(s) on it’s own except  the viewpoint of all the settings was from the Butler himself… Not a politician, strategist, or anything like that.  That perspective is what gave the overall feel a more personal, human touch.

    I HAVE to mention the superb casting job done by Leah Daniels and Billy Hopkins!!!  Some of the best casting jobs that I've seen in a very long time.  Everyone was great but James Marsden was scary good as JFK… I mean incredible!  Minka Kelly did a wonderful job as his wife as well.  Alan Rickman WAS Ronald Reagan… not sure if he was acting or morphing into Ronald but Jane Fonda was definitely Nancy!  Again…. scary good rendition.  All of the lead cast have a wonderful chance of being nominated for the little gold guy…

    Great family picture, bring your friends… I think this movie is going to be in the theater for a while.  I anticipate The Butler hovering around the top of the box office now that word of mouth is spreading.

  recap:  Worth every penny.  letter grade: A-

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