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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kick-Ass 2




" We're the good guys."

I am rating this movie $$$ [Worth Watching] but ONLY for those that enjoyed the original.  I started to make that note up top but figured it should go without saying… Any sequel on this site is judged by the ability to complement the original first. Then I rate on how well of a stand alone story or movie it is.  It’s rare that a movie can rate high on both criteria… this isn't one of those movies but I just thought of it noteworthy.
         I guess it isn't hard to tell that this might not be the type of movie most would enjoy. A cult film is defined by Wikipedia as a film that has acquired a highly devoted but specific group of fans.  I consider myself that specific group minus the devotion.  If you don’t feel like the exploits seen in the trailer are your cup of tea then the movie most likely won't be one that you enjoy.  
         Having said all of that I’m not even sure that I know why I like the franchise.  Maybe it has to do with the overall theme of bravery.  Whatever the reason, I will admit that maybe I shouldn't with all the gratuitous language, extreme violence and some crude humor… but I do.  I even laughed out loud at a few times.  Jim Carrey was spectacular as a born again ex-mob hit man.  Just brilliant, and usually cringe when Hollywood tries to depict Christianity… Most times it’
s disappointing or just simply blasphemous.
          Like most sequels, the original barely beats out the second overall but most definitely is Worth Watching.

  letter grade: B

                   There's a bonus scene after the credits... stay put!

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