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Wednesday, September 18, 2013





" It's just a flesh wound! "

Elysium felt like a return of cinematic imagination, a symphony of Science fiction, a just-what-the-doctor-ordered.  Especially in a time of low expectations from big budget flicks.  Yet, so very far from my knee jerk rush to judgment feelings after seeing the first teaser.  Even more so when learning that this movie is from the same minds that brought us the disappointing District 9.  Yes, disappointing because the movie had untapped potential to be great and it wasn't.  Elysium is what District 9 should of been.

    It is a shame that this film won’t go down as a classic because of the warm numbers at the box office.  Not perfect by any definition but you won’t find a better Science Fiction film now-a-days… well, maybe when Star Trek drops another one.

   Beautiful and imaginative imagery.  The year 2154 looked very real and plausible, along with the bio-tech.  The plot was thick and very tense.  The fight scenes were visually crisp and thrilling to watch. The characters were all extremely interesting.  I heard that Eminem was rumored to play the lead character and I can’t help but wonder how much justice that would of done in an already near-perfect film.

    This is definitely a picture that you should see if you haven’t already, move it to the top of your rental queue. 
 Worth the dollar and it gets an A.

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