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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dirty Wars




"We call them the American Taliban."

I have to thank WDET at Wayne State University for inviting me to the Detroit premiere of Dirty Wars, part of their Discover series.  This documentary was awesome! I can declare that even while knowing that most documentaries are slighted and configured in such a way to romanticize to us their own agenda.  Dirty Wars was presented so many hard facts in the way of documents, videos, eye witnesses, first hand testimonies and major network television show footage. Reasonable minds would still require more due process in order to find the truth but what a way to crank the engine!

          I’m dumbfounded at how popular investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill is and at  the same time disappointed that I am so late learning about him.  Why isn't his work broadcasted more frequently!? One segment of the film showed Jay Leno jokingly saying [paraphrasing] “How are you still alive?”  Sadly, as I watched and wondered the same thing, I’m also questioning how I missed this incredible journey of him seeking the truth? Then I had an epiphany.... Had I saw Jeremy Scahill on one of those political shows early one Sunday morning I’d probably dismiss it, labeling him another extremist.  The work shown in DW is hard to refute, dispute or debate.   No matter what, I feel that it’s too important of a subject matter left dissolving at the theaters with no one there to see it.  It’s not in mass release which makes it of the utmost importance to try and support.  

         There was a Q & A after the showing here in Michigan and the co-writer came out and did a marvelous job answering questions.  One of the last questions asked rang so loud that even he had to say that it was the best question anyone could ask... “What now?”   Documentaries are suppose to provoke... Job well done.

  This film is very much worth your money.  I hope that you would make time to see it.

letter grade: B+

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