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Friday, September 13, 2013

Despicable Me 2




" Just because everybody hates it doesn't mean it's not good. "

Better than the first in my estimate…. but that's me.  There is this ‘like it, love it or hate it’ air about this sequel.  So, in order to help you judge whether or not YOU want to see this movie allow me to first offer a deeper insight into my tastes and expectations.  

    Firstly, those minions don’t have as much of a grip on me than they have on the rest of the world.  My sister and niece think that they are just the funniest little things in yellow since the dancing banana  

 Having said that, I really liked their [minions] existence in the sequel.  It was meaningful and flavorful.  A powerful combination that could either make or break any movie.

    I’m a big Steve Carell fan and he was at his best.  Playing the voice of Gru he [Steve] has a unique talent for making his audience feel for him even when he’s being a butt.  He’s especially talented for situation relationship comedy, which worked here.  If fact, those were the funniest moments of the movie to me!  

     Some say the music was better in the first one, I don’t know about that… I really enjoyed the music in this one.  Plus I enjoyed the villain more so here than in the original.  I thought the movie, as a whole, was slightly funnier than the first.

  All in all there’s enough here to keep the kids interested and a lot of adult humor to keep us glued to the screen.  Worth Watching.

letter grade: B+

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